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International Relations
of Russian State Hydrometeorological University

International Relations Office and Center for International Education are responsible for international activity in RSHU

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For Education and Training National Focal Points and RTC Representatives

You can find the COMET Program announcements of five new publications below.

COMET (1): Environmental Satellite Resource Center (ESRC). This new
community-driven Website helps users find trusted and pertinent satellite
information via any of three different search options.

COMET (2): Writing TAFs for Winds and Low-Level Wind Shear. This 3-hour module
is the third of a series in Distance Learning Aviation Course 2 (DLAC2):
Producing Customer-Focused TAFs. This module describes how airport-specific
information can be used to modify a Practically Perfect TAF (PPTAF), producing a
Practically Perfect Site-Specific TAF (PPSST) to convey information about winds
and low-level wind shear (LLWS).

COMET (3): North Wall Effects on Winds and Waves. This three-hour module
explores the high wind and wave events that occur along the north edge of warm,
fast, western boundary currents, such as the Gulf Stream off the mid-Atlantic
states of the U.S. and the Kuroshio Current near Japan and Taiwan.

COMET (4): Dams and Dam Failure - Module 2: St. Venant Equations, Modeling, and
Case Study. In this second module in the two-part series, Richard Koehler,
Ph.D., National Hydrologic Science Training Coordinator with NOAA/NWS, expands
on the science explaining catastrophic dam failure and flood-wave prediction
methods associated with these events.

COMET (5): Tropical Cyclones, of the online textbook, "Introduction
to Tropical Meteorology". This textbook is being developed over time and its
chapters are being published incrementally. This is the third chapter in the
book to publish. The new content covers tropical cyclones, one of the most
destructive natural phenomena on Earth.

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