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International Relations
of Russian State Hydrometeorological University

International Relations Office and Center for International Education are responsible for international activity in RSHU

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International Students Union

As a student you have a variety of ways in which to get involved in your community. One way is by joining a student union or organization. Students are encouraged to make the most of their University experience by not only growing academically, but also by looking to extracurricular activities for involvement.

The International Students Union focus is on special interest groups, community services, social functions, cultural events and educational programs. The Union strives to enhance global awareness, and the acceptance of cultural differences.

Membership represents domestic and international students worldwide, who are willing to further their knowledge and acquire the skills necessary to promote cross-cultural understanding and the celebration of difference.

The Union organizes a lot of entertainment on campus, from parties and sports events to different trips around Saint-Petersburg. Besides this, the Union gives advice newcomers and helps them in many ways.

The Union has its own council which consists of the representatives of different countries who are elected by the students.

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