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International Summer School
“Freshwater ecosystems under natural conditions and anthropogenic impact.
Lake Ladoga”

28, July – 9, August 2010

Application deadline is 15 June 2010


St. Petersburg (RSHU) and Education and Scientific Station of RSHU (Lake Ladoga, Valaam Island),
the main objectives of which are:
1) monitoring of the coastal zone and the small forest lakes of the Valaam Archipelago for the purpose of supplying material for courses in natural sciences;
2) scientific research at the Valaam Archipelago, Ladoga Lake and the northern Ladoga region with participation of students and post-graduate students;
3) the organisation of field practice of the University students.
Field-work for RSHU students on the Vallam Island have being conducting regularly since 1998.

Local Organizer:

Russian State Hydrometeorological University
Faculty of Ecology and Environmental Physics

Target Group:

MSc students, 8 people, international

The main tasks of the School are:

1. to familiarize the students with the limnogenesis types of North Russia water bodies, using as an example the water system of the Valaam Archipelago (Lake Ladoga);
2. to present to the students the range of natural fluctuations of the limnological parameters within which the normal regime of ecosystem functioning is maintained;
3. to demonstrate the connection between the main limnological parameters on the basis of the field materials collected;
4. to inculcate the idea about the lake being a important component of the landscape;
5. to compare the great lakes and small one (in example of Lake Ladoga);

Field investigations comprise the study of:

morphometric parameters, thermal regime, basic hydrochemical, hydrophysical parameters, phytoplankton, zooplankton, macrophytes, macrozoobenthos and the primary production of plankton.

First information letter and application form

Presentation of the Summer School

The summer school is financially supported by the Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation.
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