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Role of Organic Aerosols in Cloud Formation

The Summer School started on August 16th and ended on August 22nd and was held at Hyytiala Forestry Field Station of University of Helsinki (Finland).

Hyytiala Forestry Field Station is part of the Faculty of Agriculture and Forestry at the Helsinki University. The object of the station is to enable both teaching and research at field conditions.
The station also provides facilities for arrangement of meetings and seminars as well as possibilities for different leisure activities.

RSHU students of Meteorological Faculty studing Hydrometeorology at eurogroups — Shiryaeva Kristina, Sukhanova Yuliya, Sergeenko Sofia and student of Ecological Faculty — Moin Roman have participated in the summer course.

Our students have learned a lot about different processes in the atmosphere, met international students and teachers.

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There were aerosol-lectures on different topics:

• Aerosols in the climate system
• Organic aerosol compounds
• Dynamics of aerosol populations
• Meteorology and cloud dynamics
• Large-scale modelling of organic aerosols and clouds

Students had a good experience in English also.

After their arrival in Saint-Petersburg they shared impressions with us:

Our course included lectures and it also had training part that involved a visit to the SMEAR II station, working in small groups, seminar presentations of the groups’ results and a discussion session about equality and science.

Annica Ekman (Stockholm University)
Goran Frank (Lund University)
Mattias Hallquist (Gothenburg University)
Chris Hoyle (ETH Zurich)
Jacob Kleno Nojgaard (University of Copenhagen)
Antti Lauri (University of Helsinki)
Joakim Pagels (Lund University)
Birgitta Svenningsson (Lund University)
Alessandro Zardini (University of Copenhagen)

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Every day we were listening to lectures, concerning aerosols, had group work with students from different parts of the world: Sweden, Denmark, England, China, Indonesia, and Germany. Most of the time we spent with our group mates solving interesting exercises and discussing meteorological innovations in different countries. Visiting the SMEAR II
station we learned a lot about measurements of the relationship of atmosphere and forest in boreal climate zone. It was really a great language practice, we met lots of young scientists and smart people! We think that international summer schools are VERY USEFUL for all the students of our university.

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