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Final state exam and Bachelor thesis defence

Since 1997 Bachelor students in Hydrometeorology (Eurogroup) study at Meteorological Department at the Russian State Hydrometeorological University. This Eurogroup is taught in accordance with the program of the WMO Educational Department . Approximately 60% of educational courses are taught in English.

On June 10,11 2014 Eurogroup MA-475 successfully passed state final exam and Bachelor thesis defence. The examination board consisted of leading experts in Hydrometeorology: Adebayo Yinka, Chief, Education and Fellowships Division, Development and Regional Activities Department, World Meteorological Organization and Dr. Robert Riddaway, General Secretary of Royal Meteorological Society, expert at World Meteorological Organization, Chairman of examination board of the RSHU.

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All students received certificates, which make Bachelor's Diploma recognized in all WMO members states(188 countries).


Final Report

It has become a good tradition for Royal Meteorological Society and Dr. Robert Riddaway personally to present books on atmospheric science to the RSHU library. In total Dr. Riddaway presented 122 books. We are endlessly thankful for his contribution to meteorological education at the RSHU.

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