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The meeting of participants of UNESCO educational cooperation network on sustainable development of coastal regions (UNESCO/UNITWIN WiCoP-Europe) was held during 27-29th, November in The University of Cadiz (Spain).
Results of ten years’ cooperation were summarized and future development was planed there.

The objective of the meeting is to develope an active network of Russian and European universities who cooperate multidisciplinarily and multilaterally and promote innovation through joint research projects, education, and exchange of experience and good practises.

The participants are University of Cadiz (Spain), University of Bologna (Italy), University of Aveiro and Algarve (Portugal), University of Latvia, Russian State Hydrometeorological University and international non-govermental organization The Coastal Union (EUCC).
The cooperation was started in the framework of International Ocean Year’98 and led to the development of educational cooperation network in 2002 which got a UNESCO status later.

Meanwhile, participants of the consortium realized 2 projects of TEMPUS Program, cooperated within the framework of Masters’ Course “Management of water resources and coastal region ” (Erasmus Mundus Program), finished few significant projects at coastal regions of Russian seas. Project activity included several conferences, seminars, student and teacher exchanges.

A curriculum for Undergraduate and Master students studying Integrated Coastal Management was developed at the department of Integrated management of coastal regions which has a status of department under UNESCO support.

The meeting in Cadiz was a good chance to discuss possibilities for further cooperation such as composing a joint postgraduate education program (PhD) in marine sciences and environment. This program is equivalent to the third stage of higher education in Russia.

The program plan was signed by participating universities.

A. Bogush (Head of International relations office), M. Mamaeva (Head of WMO relations department), N. Plink (Head of the Integrated Coastal Management department) and E. Shevchenko (Head of International relations office of Russian State Politechnik University) represented RSHU at the meeting.
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