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Workshop on "Parameterisation of Lakes in Numerical Weather Prediction and Climate Modelling"

Lakes significantly affect the structure of the atmospheric boundary layer and therefore the surface fluxes of heat, water vapour and momentum. In numerical weather prediction (NWP) and climate models, the effect of lakes should be adequately parameterised. The problem becomes particularly pressing as the horizontal resolution of numerical models is refined. A large number of small-tomedium size lakes, that are indistinguishable sub-grid scale features in low-resolution models, become resolved grid-scale features in high-resolution models. Then, a physically sound and computationally efficient lake model (parameterisation scheme) is required to predict the lake surface temperature and its time-rate-of-change. An interest in the problem of lakes has led to the development of several lake parameterization schemes for use in NWP and climate models, ranging from the simplest one-layer schemes to very sophisticated three-dimensional schemes. These schemes have been applied in NWP, climate studies and related environmental problems with a varying degree of success, considerable experience has been accumulated, and numerous problems have been encountered.

The aim of the workshop was to join NWP and climate modellers dealing with the parameterisation of lakes in order to share their experience, to review the state of art, and to discuss challenging problems, strategy of further development, tasks and plans.

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Emphasis was given to:
— lake parameterisation schemes for NWP and climate models,
— external-parameter data sets,
— data assimilation,
— off-line applications of lake models (parameterisation schemes).

There were a lot of participants from Russia, Germany, Finland, Canada, France, Hungary, the Netherlands, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, UK, Ukraine, USA and ECMWF.

List of participants
Ekaterina Kourzeneva
Dmitrii Mironov
Laura Rontu
Arkady Terzhevik
Maria Mamaeva
Arkhangelsky Victor
Georgiy Kirillin
Andrey Martynov
Gianpaolo Balsamo
Kalle Eerola
Mikko Kervinen
Viktor Podsechin
Patrick Le Moigne
Burchardt Rockel
Gerhard Smiatek
Miklos Voros
Jeanette Onvlee
Sander Tiim
Emmanuel Dutra
Rui Salgado
Sergey Golosov
Tatiana Lvova
Maxim Motsakov
Sergey Nigay
Tatiana Pavlova
Ekaterina Shcherbak
Igor Shkolnik
Viktor Stepanenko
Mikhail Tolstykh
Nils Gustafsson
Patrick Samuelsson
Zhenlin Yang
Stephane Goyette
Marjorie Perroud
Gabriel Rooney
Roman Bezhenar
Alexandr Guziy
Brent Lofgren

The workshop was a three-day event. It started on the 18th of September in the morning, and ended on the 20th of September in the afternoon. Keynote lectures were combined with the presentations of the workshop participants.

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The workshop was supported by the Nordic Network on Fine-Scale Atmospheric Modelling (NetFAM), the International Association for the Promotion of Co-operation with Scientists from the New Independent States of the Former Soviet Union (INTAS), the EU Programme TEMPUS, and the Russian Foundation for Basic Research (RFFI).

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