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3rd International Conference on Aquatic Resources: Prospects and Challenges

The conference will be carried out in November 17th — 20th, 2009 in Alexandria (Egypt).

The 3rd ICAR Conference, will bring together scientists, oceanographers, policy makers, representatives of private companies and NGO's concerned with marine affairs and technology. Representatives from the users' community are invited to present their views and their needs for operational marine services.
Invited speakers are welcome.

Topics of the conference are:
• Coastal oceanography.
• Global environmental changes in the coastal zone.
• Operational oceanography and monitoring systems.
• Coastal hazards and pollution, prevention and mitigation.
• Decadal and inter-decadal geomorphological variabilities.
• Sustainable coastal management and human influence on coasts.
• Marine geophysical investigation, theoretical and experimental
• Coastal zone ecosystem.
• Socio-economic analysis of sustainable development for aquatic environment.
• Biodiversity and its protection in aquatic environment.
• Natural disasters and marine hazards management.
• Renewable and non-renewable marine energy resources.
• Maritime transport, safety and management.
• Aquaculture problems, from minor to major scales.
• Sustainable development of fisheries.
• Shallow and deep sea bottom living and nonliving exploration.

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