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International Relations
of Russian State Hydrometeorological University

International Relations Office and Center for International Education are responsible for international activity in RSHU

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The Russian State Hydrometeorological University is actively involved in wide range of networks for education, science and engineering:

UNITWIN is the abbreviation for the University Twinning and Networking Programme. The Programme was established in 1992 following the relevant decision of UNESCO’s General Conference taken at its 26th session. The UNITWIN programme aims to be pertinent, forward-thinking and to impact socio-economic development effectively. So far UNESCO Chair and UNITWIN Network projects have proven useful in establishing new teaching programmes, generating new ideas through research and reflection, and facilitating the enrichment of existing university programmes while respecting cultural diversity.

Saint-Petersburg Association on Recycling (СПАР), gathering organizations working on recycling of different type. The cooperation between RSHU and СПАР works through the Technological Platform «Technologies of Ecological Development» founded in 2010.

— European National Meteorological Services Network EUMETNET, grouping 26 European National Meteorological Services provides a framework to organise co-operative programmes between the Members in the various fields of basic meteorological activities such as observing systems, data processing, basic forecasting products, research and development, training. Through EUMETNET Programmes, the Members intend to develop their collective capability to serve environment management and climate monitoring and to bring to all European users the best available quality of meteorological information.
The cooperation with RSHU goes through EUMETCAL Programme starting from 2001 and according to Memorandum of cooperation was signed in december 2010.

CALMet. Since 1993, the purpose of CALMet has been to offer forums to share experiences, expectations, and new ideas for applying emerging technologies and strategies in meteorology and hydrology education and training. CALMet conferences have served to build international working relationships that continue to have a large, worldwide impact.

Consortium of High Resolution Opertional Model for Baltic Sea HIROMB, providing the model results in 375 EU stations for Sea Level, Currents, Salinity, Temperature and Waveheight.

HIRLAM model consortium. The Memorandum of cooperation was signed between RSHU and Finnish Meteorological Institute according to which RSHU can use HIRLAM model in educational programmes.

University Cooperation for Atmospheric Research (UCAR). The International Affiliates Program (IAP) was developed to enhance communications about projects, resources, and strengths of atmospheric science and related programs world wide, and to make even stronger the collegial environment supportive of cooperation and understanding. According to IAP list RSHU is an Affiliate International University providing degree courses in Meteorology.

Nordic-Russian Cooperation in Higher Education
The Project Aim is Bridging Universities from North-West Russia and Nordic countries together for creation of University Network aimed at establishing sustainable links and strengthening international partnership with the Universities in the neighboring countries in the field of environmental education,exchanging ideas, best practices and experiences on joint educational programmes and related problems such as educational quality assurance, enhancing academic mobility between North-West Russia and Nordic countries, development of e-learning as an effective tool for environmental education etc.

The University of the Arctic (UArctic) is a cooperative network ofuniversities, colleges, and other organizations committed to higher education and research in the North. Our members share resources, facilities, and expertise to build post-secondary education programsthat are relevant and accessible to northern students. Our overall goal is to create a strong, sustainable circumpolar region by empowering northerners and northern communities through education and sharedknowledge.
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